Sunday, September 12, 2010

Echoing Emptiness

His room echoes terribly.

It's at the top of the stairs. We removed all of the furniture so the floor could be replaced, and every time I walk by, it echoes. There is this one part of the hallway that always creaks when you step on it; you can't avoid it when walking to my room. Now it creaks, and echoes in the hollow room.

We leave the door open because if we don't, we forget he isn't sleeping in there. During shiva, I'd forget and almost knock on his door after waking my sister.

He isn't going to wake up. He's gone, and he's left a huge, hollow place in my heart that echoes every time I play a game he used to play with me, or see previews for a movie I know he'd like.

I know one day we'll put new furniture in his room, and fill it with life again.

I wish I knew how to fill the hole in my heart.

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